Maternity Homes in Scotland

Maternity Homes in Scotland

Many mothers were incarcerated in maternity homes, hidden from a society that sought to shame them, and then forced to surrender their babies — babies whom they loved and wanted to keep. In many respects, these homes became “baby farms” and some mothers reflect back now upon feeling that they were treated almost like “cattle” while there.

Maternity homes were registered and inspected by local authorities in Scotland from 1927 under the provisions of the Midwives and Maternity Homes (Scotland) Act.  This was replaced by the Nursing Homes Registration (Scotland) Act, 1938.

If you were in a maternity home during your pregnancy, if you were an adoptee who was born of a mother who was in a maternity home, or if you know of a home which existe in your area, please write us and let us know so we can create an archive of this part of our history.


Hopedean Nursing Home
(formerly the Gables Nursing Home)
18 Gloucester Terr,
Elswick Rd Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 6RH
Archival Information, Hospital Records Database: The Hopedean Nursing Home, Newcastle Upon Tyne
 Redlands House
11 Lancaster Crescent
Great Western Road  Glasgow
25 St Andrews Drive, Pollokshields (1920 to 1936)
Redhall (from 1936 to ?)
1014 Great Western Road
Cleveden House at 5 Cleveden Road (annex of Homelands)


Landsdowne House Mother and Baby Home
(CoS Committee of Social Responsibility/Family Care)
44 Sutherland Avenue, Glasgow (and other addresses)


174 New City Road
(possibly a back-street hospital for unmarried mothers, with 4-5 beds).
Athol House (Scottish Council of Single Parents/Family Care)
63 Partickhill
Florentine (CoS Committee of Social Responsibility)
33 Queen Mary Avenue
Magdalene L
4 Grafton Street (Committee of Magdalene Institute)
St Gerard’s (St Margaret of Scotland)
Nithsdale Road